Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) allow scientists to learn from an institution or laboratory in another COST country – a concept of particular interest to young scientists (PhD students, Post-docs).
Researchers across Europe are working together taking advantage of this instrument to show impressive results in a short period of time. The STSM coordinator of IG17111 Grapedia has strongly encouraged members to apply and benefit from such an experience!

Virtual Mobility (VM) Grants aim to strengthen existing networks by allowing scientists to foster collaboration in a virtual setting, to exchange knowledge, learn new techniques, disseminate CIG results, etc. The successful applicant(s) are selected to perform activities that do not necessarily require in-person presence. These activities may include surveys, questionnaires or preparation of protocols, workshops, virtual mentoring of activities that can generate capacity, build new skills, etc

Genetic improvement of fruit crops and sustainable biotechnologies - University of Catania (Italy)

On 2 May 2023, our CIG Team member Marco Moretto gave a seminar for Bachelor, Master and PhD students in Genetic improvement of fruit crops and sustainable biotechnologies. Title of presentation: “GRAPEDIA: the Grapevine Genomics Encyclopedia, a community driven effort to integrate knowledge, resources and services for the grape scientific community and industry”

COST Connect event on Data Sharing in
European Research Networks

On 27/28 April 2023, two of our CIG Team members attended the COST Connect COST Connect event on Data Sharing in European Research Networks event in Brussels, Belgium, to showcase GRAPEDIA and share experiences on data sharing with other COST Actions.

Enomaq Conference

Dr. Jérôme Grimplet gave a presentation of GRAPEDIA in the viticulture and climate change section of the Conference, 14-17 February 2023.

Plant & Animal Genomics (PAG) Conference

Dr. Aureliano Bombarely presented the Grapedia Initiative to the PAG community, 13-18 January 2023.

See more details here: https://plan.core-apps.com/pag_2023/search?query=grapedia

Our kick off meeting was on 23rd November 2022 12:00-19:00 CET

The event was open registration. The recordings are available in our youtube and bilibili channels. See presentations and recordings here.

COST Connect Food & Agriculture Meeting

On 20/21 October 2022, our CIG Chair and Grant Holder Manager participated at this COST Connect event in Madrid, to showcase and share with other COST Actions the INTEGRAPE and GRAPEDIA projects. 

We hosted a 1-hour workshop on GRAPEDIA at the Grapevine Breeding and Genetics Symposium in Landau, Germany, 10-17July 2022.  PDF