Our kick off meeting was on 23rd November 12:00-19:00 CET

The event was open registration. The recordings are available in our youtube and bilibili channels. See presentations and recordings here.

COST Connect Food & Agriculture Meeting

Between 20th -21st October 2022, our Chair and Grant Holder manager assisted the COST Connect event in Madrid, to showcase and share with other COST Actions the INTEGRAPE and GRAPEDIA projects. 

Plant & Animal Genomics (PAG) Conference

Dr. Aureliano Bombarely presented the Grapedia Initiative to the PAG the community, 13-18 January 2023.

See more details here: https://plan.core-apps.com/pag_2023/search?query=grapedia

Enomaq Conference

Dr. Jérôme Grimplet will give a presentation of GRAPEDIA in the viticulture and climate change section of the Conference, 14-17 February 2023.

We hosted a 1hour workshop of GRAPEDIA at the Grapevine Genetics and Breeding Symposium in Landau, Germany, 10-17July 2022.