Presentation at GBG2022

We had the great chance to present Grapedia in the GBG2022 conference. Thanks for the interest & enthusiasm!

The International Symposium on Grapevine Breeding and Genetics (GBG) is one of the two main grapevine community symposia where every four years researchers working in different aspects of grapevine biology get together and share their results. GBG2022 was organised by the Institute for Grapevine Breeding Geilweilerhof in Siebeldingen, Germany. The GRAPEDIA Workshop was organised in several sessions, being Sesion 7, Big Data, the most important for the CA17111 Integrape Cost Action. During this session the community discussed the latest trends in grapevine multi omics methods, data integration and systems biology, with a focus on new technologies and data management. The workshop was scheduled as a 40min interactive session, with the focus of i) gathering the community needs towards a centralized database/portal of integrated data, ii) providing an update of the progress of the general objectives of INTEGRAPE, disseminating the resources produced thus far, and iii) introducing the COST Innovators Grant (CIG) proposal Grapedia (Grape Genomics Encyclopedia) as an output of Integrape.

The team of the recently-awarded COST Innovators Grant (CIG) GRAPEDIA distributed a survey through all participants of the Symposium and discussed its results with the attendees of the Workshop, while also presenting the CIG Grant in the framework of the COST Action INTEGRAPE. It was a dynamic presentation of needs and goals. Mugs with the GRAPEDIA logo, sponsored by Sequentia Biotech S.L., were distributed in the audience for achieving engagement. Assistants asked questions and shared ideas about how to implement the GRAPEDIA portal, while also commenting on some specific questions of the survey. The whole objective of the presentation was successfully achieved, as community needs and visions were gathered and were considered for the construction of the portal.

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