Save the date for our Kickoff

Program, meeting recordings and talk PDFs are all available at

The Grapedia Kick-off Meeting will be organized virtually on the 23rd November 2022. The meeting will be open to the public who will participate in the meeting via Zoom. The event will be of open registration (register here). 

We plan to gather CIG Team members, people already volunteering to contribute to the project and invited speakers. There will be two distinct sessions:

  • A presentation session during which some CIG Team members and invited speakers will share their experience on similar projects, i.e. building a portal or a database dedicated to the resources of one organism.
  • A virtual round-table to exchange ideas and discuss about the pilot of Grapedia portal along with its functionalities. The outcomes of the Grapedia kick-off meeting will be of various nature:
  • Attendees will be aware of the state of the art related to databases or portals dedicated to a given organism.
  • Decisions will be made regarding the pilot of Grapedia portal based on the pros and cons identified in other databases but also on the needs of the grapevine community.
  • People willing to contribute will be assigned to a WorkPackage and/or a task, meeting the objectives of the project.Those willing to participate in the Grapedia KickOff meeting will be able to register using Google forms and will receive a communication from the virtual platform providers, Sequentia Biotech SL, containing the necessary links to attend all sessions. They will be provided with instructions on how to be involved in Q&A whether they will communicate via the Zoom platform or the YouTube Livestream comments. Both platforms will be interactive and speakers will have access to comments with the assistance of the virtual hosts provided by Sequentia Biotech SL.
  • The meeting will also be recorded and accessible after the event through the Grapedia website ( and our social media accounts (Youtube and Bilibili).

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