Short-Term Scientific Missions

Short-Term Scientific Missions


Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) allow scientists to learn from an institution or laboratory in another COST country – a concept of particular interest to young scientists (PhD students, Post-docs).

Researchers across Europe are working together taking advantage of this instrument to show impressive results in a short period of time. The STSM coordinator of IG17111 Grapedia strongly encourages you to apply and benefit from such an experience!

IG17111 Scientific priorities

Projects directly related to the implementation of GRAPEDIA (seen in the 2022/23 work plan) will be considered. In particular, projects about management plan for omics, climate and phenotyping data are welcome to help the consortium to implement and develop the world’s unique centralized portal for grapevine. The applicants should mention in their proposal how they will support this goal based on the 2 Work Packages of the GRAPEDIA CIG (more info HERE).

Evaluation procedure & eligibility

The selection of successful STSM applicants will be performed using a 2-step evaluation procedure. Firstly, the applicants must fill out this Submission Form, uploading their CV and STSM proposal. The host agreement will be needed later for Step 2.  Please advise the STSM Coordinator via email of your application (

The STSM proposal will be selected by the committee as first or second priority based on how well it contributes to the goals of the action and depending on the budget available. The best of these will then be advised to submit their STSM application on the eCOST portal. As the objectives of GRAPEDIA are different from INTEGRAPE, please don’t hesitate to send an informal enquiry to the STSM coordinator with a short explanation of your project to see if it fits. GRAPEDIA STSM coordinator Jerome Grimplet (

Applicants must be affiliated to a legal entity in a COST Full/Cooperating Country or EU RTD or NNC country. The host institution must be a COST Full/Cooperating country intrinsically involved in the CIG. The average contribution for a mission is a fixed grant up to 3000euro, based on the applicant’s budget request and the decision of the STSM Coordinator. For full eligibility criteria please check the rules available at  The selection of successful STSM applicants will be done so in consideration of the scientific scope of the proposed mission and how the mission can support the CIG in achieving its scientific objectives.

For guidelines on submitting on the eCOST portal, please consult the PDF guide available at

No deadline for submission.

Kind regards,
Jérôme Grimplet (STSM coordinator of IG17111)